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Many years ago (at least "many" in terms of the internet), I started a truly uninspired page for Desi somewhere on I have long since forgotten the address, much less the password to this incredibly lame Desi Cortez document, and yet Desi's obscure page brings in more fan mail for him than my own "worldwide" fame and immediate web recognition as a recording artist does for me. Great...

While being a decent draw on the weekend overnights, Desi still does not have a page on the KOA website. Sure, KOA has important pages that take the priority in this case and we understand this.

Pages like:

  • Go Ahead And Try To Name A Movie Reggie McDaniels DOESN'T like
  • I Think We Might Actually Have 6.25 Listeners For The 'Ski The Rockies' show
  • Joey The Dead Cockroach From Jackson, Mississippi Who Was Born With Only Three Legs

The above pages are an integral part of the KOA broadcasting kingdom while Desi is apparently just, what...

A janitor, I guess.

Wait a minute, the janitor has a page. Sorry, my mistake.

In any case, it's OK because we, the loyal Desi listeners, understand that Desi is a low priority. No problem. We will just make our own page. So there...

In the last two years, I have received a myriad of documents (which I forwarded to Desi) that cover everything from JFK/UFO conspiracies to good old fashioned "I love your show" fan mail. This mail has been coming from my extremely outdated page. To be honest, I feel a bit like a voyeur when I have to pass these emails on to Desi, your mail should go directly to him. This is the reason that I created this page.

Really, this page is nothing more than a glorified email link designed to keep your email out of MY box. I figured that I might as well give you, the ever-faithful Desi Cortez listener, a page to look at while you search in vain for the link to Desi's email address.

Undoubtedly, Desi will shiver with fear knowing that I am posting this page without his consent. Desi has been the unfortunate witness to many of my half-baked ideas and weirded-out conspiracies over the years. For example:

  • Oliver Stone killed JFK, Jim Morrison Kurt Cobain and JFK Jr. in order to procure script material.
  • Bob Dole is faking the thing with his right arm in order to get laid.
  • Amway is an extension of the Heaven's Gate Cult.

And of course...

  • Contrary to popular belief, Bill Gates is NOT the Antichrist. (I'm pretty sure that it's either someone from the Monkees or Ron Popeil.)

I've added a message board and a guestbook to the site. If there are other things that you would like added to the site, let me know by emailing me.

And if you want to email Desi, Click HERE.

Lame design, graphics and verbiage by Frank Emsley.


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